Did you know, that the Attribution Maker now also works for YouTube videos? Just visit your chosen YouTube video then click on 'Attribution Maker +'

Image/YouTube Embedder & Attribution Maker

for Unsplash, Pexels, Wikimedia Commons, Pixabay, Flickr CC & YouTube
(Also works with Shutterstock, if you have a paid subscription).

A Bookmarklet to create HTML snippets to embed your selected Image or YouTube video, with proper attribution. This can then be pasted into Moodle, or any website that includes Bootstrap 4+.

For those sites NOT running Bootstrap (such as Canvas LMS) a new "Inline CSS" option is now available. This option has fewer features but will work on any website.

First time user?

Follow the instuctions below. Watch the video for step-by-step instructions.

First time user?

  1. Drag the following bookmarklet into your browers bookmark bar: Attribution maker +
    (Note: Make sure you drag the link onto your browser bookmarks. Clicking will just bring you back to here)
  2. Drag the following UoM bookmarklet into your browers bookmark bar: UoM Attribution maker +
    (Note: Make sure you drag the link onto your browser bookmarks. Clicking will just bring you back to here)
  3. Vist any of the supported sites, listed above
  4. Click on the 'Attribution maker' in your bookmarks
  5. You will be returned to this page, but now your selected image will be displayed below
  6. Press the copy button next to the layout type that you prefer. This will copy the HTML to your clipboard
  7. Paste this HTML anywhere that you can paste code (eg a Moodle page or tool)

Image embedder and attribution maker (12:56)

Important note - Pixabay previews expire in 24hrs

Pixabay does not allow hot-linking (embedding) and their previews will expire within 24 hrs

To protect against this, ensure that you:

  1. Download the appropriately sized image
  2. Upload this to Moodle (or other system) to replace the preview

Your chosen image does not allow for re-use

This Flickr image has an "All Rights Reserved" licence, that does not allow for re-use.

This service will not allow you to breach this licence restriction. Please choose a different image

You can search Flickr for Creative Commons licenced images, or use one of the other image services listed above

You must have a commercial subscription with shutterstock, to use this image.

Shutterstock images are commercially licenced and there is a cost associated with this image.

This service provides you with a watermarked placeholder image. You must replace this placeholder image with a paid original image, that is downloaded separately via your subscription with shutterstock.

If you do not have a shutterstock subscription, select from one of the free image services listed above

Not seeing the correct Shutterstock image? Make sure you refresh your browser, BEFORE you click on the attribution maker.

You will need to update your Bookmarklet, to use Shutterstock

Shutterstock support was added on 20.01.22. You seem to be using the old bookmarklet, added before this date.

To update your bookmarklet, follow the "First time" instructions above.